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Gee, he's getting really popular recently. Perhaps Marble Hornets fanart is in order. I think it's pretty ironic (and pretty cool too) that Slender Man was fabricated intentionally as a fictitious urban legend sort of thing that people could build around, in the form of pasta and image manipulation. But now his sudden memetic mutation is pushing him closer and closer towards actually BEING an urban legend - many people I know who've only heard of it recently are completely unaware that it's a meme at all. So it really worked perfectly in that respect.
I really like this song at the moment -…

I'm trying to fix the contrast/tone/etc. on a lot of my pictures. It'd be so much easier if I had a scanner. I have to photograph my drawings and upload them here. Pathetic right? Anyway that leaves me with really wacky looking shades and stuff. Differences in shade and shadow is something that an artist labours over to perfect, and then this stupid system I have of uploading goes and cocks it up.
I am REALLY sunburnt.. It doesn't really hurt but when I look at myself I feel like a complete moron >_<
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I just sat down very enthusiastically, bumping a glass of water in the process, and spilling the contents of the glass onto my desk. Unfortunately also on my desk was my phone, camera and computer among other things. And for some odd reason, writing this seems like more of a priority than cleaning it up. Lol >_>
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I've felt completely blank and artistically uninspired for the last 3 weeks or so. Maybe it's just because I'm on holidays and my life is completely devoid of any excitement :P I suppose that could cause me not feeling inspired or motivated... As soon as I get home (or something) I'll probably start drawing again... Though I don't know what.

I just looked through all the mood emoticons and as far as I can see there isn't one for apathy, so neutral will suffice :P
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I just love it when spiders decide to take refuge in my clothes while I'm using the shower, and remain there when I go to put said clothes back on >_>

I have work again tonight. And again on Monday. And on Wednesday. And on Saturday. But after that not for another month or so, so I can't complain I guess :P
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I have no journal entries, and I felt the need to make some, hence I am making one. Hooray. I am currently dreading having to go to work this afternoon. My hair is getting long and they'll potentially make me wear a hairnet. >_<

One a side note, I'll (hopefully) be more active on here in the near future.
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